RFID check point is fixed at the place where patrolling required (usually is in the wall). Guard Tour System is a variation of the access control system, its a flexible use of the access control system. They are main used for buildings , factory , storage house and wild equipment, pipeline and other where with fixed patrol requirement.


Which quota does guard tour system works with ? Some are matching together with  Building intercom, some are matching together with Access control, some matching together with alarm system .


1. What is the guard tour system quota usually ?
These are usually based on the quantity of security officer , if there are 10 security officer together , every 5 security officers for day patrolling and night patrolling, then can purchase 5 rfid handheld patrol reader, and every guard carry a staff ID card, 2 person share one device .Patrol route can be defined based on actual demand , and every person patrol one route .

2. What is the RFID check point quota usually
RFID check point are usually installed at the site where patrolling required, every check point is with global unique ID number .

3. What is the software quota ?

   ZOOY’s software is compatible with the almost all our guard tour system models . So whatever how many patrol device you purchased, can install one software to manage all data.


Usually there are 3 types guard tour management software offered :

1. Standalone version software : Install in every PC where want to visit data .


2. C/S LAN version software: All PC in same LAN local area networkcan share same database, other PC just need to install software program then visit data

3. Web based software , hosted in head center , all branch can visit software with internet by authorized account .

ZOOYs Patrol V6.0 guard tour management software is the most simple operation software , free-installation, save setup progress to reduce technical support for users . New user guidance , even new user can follow instruction to finish all software settings.