FUZHOU Min-Tai MACHINERY CO.,LTD ,is the professional egg processing equipment manufacturer with 13  years experiences. Now our Min Tai egg processing machines are sold all over the world,like Malaysia, Holland, Philippines, Australia, India, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam and so on .

We offer high quality egg sheller machine,quail egg shelling machine,quail egg breaking machine,egg grader machine,egg white and yolk seperator,egg  breaking machine and other production line.


today we recommand the quail egg boiling and peeling production line machine, this machine is suitable for fresh quail eggs.

Model: MT-206A Quail egg boiling and shelling production line

capacity: 20000 eggs/hour

L*W*H: 15000*10000*2500 MM

Power: 3.6KW

processing : including soaking, boil eggs with spiral structure, cooling system, breaking system,steam mixed water heating


now coming the new year, delivery date is 60 days, if you need machine earlier, then order now. These machine are export to many countries, like Vietnam , Thailand, Malysia, Indonesia and so on.