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Making Paper Lanterns

Le 17 février 2016, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

Although now can buy paper lanterns, hand-made lanterns but is still a lot ofpeople do, because integration into the family and laughter, with hand-madelanterns and warm. Many kindergarten children be required to hand-made lanternsand let them do their work at the same time, move hands brain, play to yourcreativity.

Handmade paper lanterns for children, parents can make them complete on their own, can also help children with hand-made lanterns and beautifully finishedwork. Hand-made lanterns is not complicated, as long as we carefully observe thelife, you can make different lanterns. Of course, depending on your child'scoordination ability of parents, help children with handmade lantern, if theirchildren strong hands,
you can make a little more complicated lanterns.

Let us move it, Chinese Lantern Festival coming up, you can take the child makepaper lanterns, Lantern Festival night lights, tell the child to the arrival of the Chinese Lantern Festival, can exercise both handmade competence, can learn alot of international knowledge.
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The principle of LCD

Le 5 janvier 2016, 03:55 dans Humeurs 0

Although the rapid development of electronic products, we also seen around a lot of LCD monitors, could someone curious about how liquid crystal displays work? Its working principle is what? Next, I will tell us about the principle of LCD.

Image formation in a liquid crystal display is made up of 3 main parts: the backlight, LCD, polarizing film, polarized film is polarized material, liquid crystal is a material capable of electric polarization direction control (each pixel can be individually controlled). Display starts on the back light lights on LCD when not in power, vertically polarized and polarizing film, light, however, LCD power, same polarization and polarization film, deeply polarized.

Split out of polarizing film, liquid crystal is still valid, each pixel will be powered or not powered up to reveal the different polarized light, the light intensity is the same, it looks to the naked eye, is white, and plus if I had eyes a polarizing film, filter out no power liquid crystal stole part of the polarized light that the human eye can see images on the monitor.
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Characteristics Of Polarizing Film

Le 4 janvier 2016, 03:04 dans Humeurs 0

Because LCD display not light, ISO identification requirement in order to display bright, polarizing film must have a clear, high permeability and high optical activity. LCD recently becoming more widely used, such as livelihood, military and high-tech, particularly application of intelligent machines. Due to the diversity of the LCD and the durability of promotion, we must strengthen the durability and resistance to rotation of the polarized film.

In addition, the appearance of characters on, with the draw cable LCD improving polarizing film surfaces must be smooth and fine, if prolonged use at high temperature and high humidity environment, must also be maintained on the optical performance, and with one of the key parts of the security requirements for adhesives, usually in a polarizing film manufacturing process, is carried out in clean room:
1. is PVA polarizing film footage and TAC, so it is not available on the foreign body and resin that is not soluble.
2. in the polarizing film laminating process, not glue, lamination and when there is any foreign body into.
3. the protection film and release film and other materials may not have any defects.
4. finished surface and cutting surfaces, or on the wrapper should not be mixed with any foreign objects attached to it.

If the above conditions cannot be met, you cannot make a high resolution and large size, high precision of polarizing film.

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