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Installation Operation for Integrated Solar Billboard Light

Le 5 janvier 2018, 04:51 dans Humeurs 0

Packing accessories

1.With nut gasket screws M6X12------4PCS
2.With nut gasket screws M6X45------4PCS
3.With nut gasket screws M8X16------6PCS
4.With nut gasket screws M8X100-----10PCS
5.U-bolts M8 -----------------------4PCS
6.U-type reed board ----------------4PCS
7.Bracket -------------------------1PCS
8.5#Wrench ------------------------1PCS
9.6#Wrench ------------------------1PCS
10.M8Hexagon wrench ----------------1PCS

How to Installation Operation for Integrated Solar Billboard Light
1, Fixed the bracket to the billboard with welding
2, Plus U-type reed reinforcement

Fix the light source module and tie rod with 4PCS nuts with M6 * 45MM bolt kit as 2-1

Connect light source module female cable and inner frame male cable

Use crane hanging the light.
1, Light source upwards
2, When hanging, keep smooth and steady

3, Cannot stand people under the crane with light


As following pictures:4-1
Put down the light steady
Take out the screw
Pull the rod out to end

Take 4PCS with M6X12 nut gasket bolts fixed as 4-2


As following picture(A1)
Put the lamp holder into the mounting bracket
Insert the M8X16MM bolts with nuts lock
As following picture(A2)

Use M8 * 16 bolts to fasten the support plate at both ends to connect the lamp and bracket


1, Before installing the fixture, it is necessary to evaluate whether the billboard steel structure can withstand the total weight of the lamp to be installed.

2, Whether the installation will affect the wind strength of the billboard. If it can not achieve the safe installation range, need to strengthen the billboard structure or strengthen the intensity of billboards.

Online Security Guard Patrol Systems Solution

Le 28 décembre 2017, 07:54 dans Humeurs 0

  1. Online Security Guard Patrol Systems diagram

  1. Guard Patrol System compositionOnline Security Guard PatrolSystems component: Patrol reader unit , RFID Staff ID card and guard tour software.

2.1In Security Guard Patrol Systems , the function of patrol reader unit : Store patrol duty officer’s clock in and clock out logs, can transfer these logs to server with TCP/IP .

Advantage : Real time data reporting can inform supervisor the live attendance of patrol site , once patrol duty officer not arrived to assigned patrol site at schedule , there will be alarm running in server , supervisor can contact patrol duty officer in real time and know the actual status of officer’s movement . Especially while patrol duty officer work in remote area, this will be very helpful for both supervisor’s monitoring and duty officer’s safety.

2.2 . RFID staff ID card

Work with 125kHz RFID technology. Passive one and no need battery powered , if patrol duty officer’s fingerprint is not easy recognized ,can use his staff ID card as identification .

  1. Advantages

3.1 Timely information acquisition : Supervisor can get patrol result in real time and take action timely to reduce lost.

3.2 Easy operation: Patrol duty officer is only asked to scan his fingerprint or staff ID card for clock in , no need to carry heavy device .

3.3 High security : Online Guard Patrol unit will transfer patrol data to server , high reliability, not easy to be fake attendance.

  1. Applicable userLarge factory , prison , army , bank , government agency or high-end residential plot where with strict demand for data transmission safety (such as they want data transmission in real time , but not allow global network accessing).

Z-5000C Wired Real Time Fingerprint Guard Tour System, work with TCP/IP to transfer patrol data in real time , it is widely used in nationwide prison in 2017, where ask fingerprint clock in to ensure every officer is the right person as they assigned in schedule , they ask data transferring in real time also at Local area network , this online guard tour system facilitate improving the attendance greatly .

How to Set up the Integrated Solar Powered Street Light with Wireless CCTV Camera

Le 22 décembre 2017, 11:19 dans Humeurs 0

There are five steps showing you how to set up our Leadray Integrated Solar Powered Street Light with CCTV Camera.

Step One:

Firstly, Install the antenna to the right port of the Integrated Solar Powered Street Light, then turn on the switch(Button up/CCTV Camera on) as below picture:

Step Two:

Scan the following QR codes to download the mobile APP, or download the “CAMHI” in mobile phone application market.

Step Three:

Configure AP Hot Spot Mode

  1. Open mobile WIFI setting, search camera hot spot named begin with “IPCAM”, select this hot spot to connect WIFI camera, password is “01234567”(Attention: please don’t connect the network cable to network interface in this mode). As below:
  2. Open CCTV camera’s mobile APP-CAMHI: Select “add camera”, then select “LAN search”, select the UID to add camera after searching the UID, enter factory default password “admin”, click “done” then camera has been added. Now you can skim and download the video file via camera hot spotStep four:

    Configure WIFI Routing Mode

    After adding camera, click “i” on the right side,

    Enter “Camera Setting”

    Select “WIFI Setting”

    Select the available WIFI Hot spot or wireless router,

    Enter the password of hot spot or router (Noted that the password can not contain any special characters),

    Click “save”

    APP will configure the password into camera automatically, then camera switch to WIFI Routing mode.


    If you want to return to AP Hot spot mode, click ““i” on the right side, enter  “system setting”, select “Reset”, then select “reboot”


    Step five:

    Local Video and Online Video

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