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Supplier of quail egg boiling and peeling production line from China

Le 15 décembre 2017, 08:24 dans Humeurs 0

FUZHOU Min-Tai MACHINERY CO.,LTD ,is the professional egg processing equipment manufacturer with 13  years experiences. Now our Min Tai egg processing machines are sold all over the world,like Malaysia, Holland, Philippines, Australia, India, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam and so on .

We offer high quality egg sheller machine,quail egg shelling machine,quail egg breaking machine,egg grader machine,egg white and yolk seperator,egg  breaking machine and other production line.


today we recommand the quail egg boiling and peeling production line machine, this machine is suitable for fresh quail eggs.

Model: MT-206A Quail egg boiling and shelling production line

capacity: 20000 eggs/hour

L*W*H: 15000*10000*2500 MM

Power: 3.6KW

processing : including soaking, boil eggs with spiral structure, cooling system, breaking system,steam mixed water heating


now coming the new year, delivery date is 60 days, if you need machine earlier, then order now. These machine are export to many countries, like Vietnam , Thailand, Malysia, Indonesia and so on.

Knowledge About Structural Cantilever Rack

Le 8 décembre 2017, 04:33 dans Humeurs 0

We- HLD are also a professional structural cantilever rack manufacturers. Our cantilevered rack adopts the combination structure, and it's very suitable for storing long material, ring type material, sheet material, tube and other irregular goods. It   can be classified into light duty, medium duty, heavy duty type rack according to its bearing load capacity. It can also be sort to two kinds of rack: single type or double type judging by its structure. The structural cantilever rack is superior by the features of stable structure, good load capacity and high spatial utilization.

Structure: column of cantilever rack adopts H - shaped steel or cold rolled steel, and the cantilever arm adopts square pipe, cold rolled shape steel or H shape steel. The height of the rack is usually within 2.5 meters (up to 6 meters for the access of the forklift truck), the cantilever arm is normally within 1.5 meters, and the load capacity per each arm is usually within 1,000 kg.

Application: this type of structural cantilever racks are widely used in machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets. After adding the panels, it is especially suitable for low and small warehouse for convenient management and wide field of view, which is more efficient than long span shelf.

What’s the quota for guard tour system ?

Le 1 décembre 2017, 07:38 dans Humeurs 0

RFID check point is fixed at the place where patrolling required (usually is in the wall). Guard Tour System is a variation of the access control system, its a flexible use of the access control system. They are main used for buildings , factory , storage house and wild equipment, pipeline and other where with fixed patrol requirement.


Which quota does guard tour system works with ? Some are matching together with  Building intercom, some are matching together with Access control, some matching together with alarm system .


1. What is the guard tour system quota usually ?
These are usually based on the quantity of security officer , if there are 10 security officer together , every 5 security officers for day patrolling and night patrolling, then can purchase 5 rfid handheld patrol reader, and every guard carry a staff ID card, 2 person share one device .Patrol route can be defined based on actual demand , and every person patrol one route .

2. What is the RFID check point quota usually
RFID check point are usually installed at the site where patrolling required, every check point is with global unique ID number .

3. What is the software quota ?

   ZOOY’s software is compatible with the almost all our guard tour system models . So whatever how many patrol device you purchased, can install one software to manage all data.


Usually there are 3 types guard tour management software offered :

1. Standalone version software : Install in every PC where want to visit data .


2. C/S LAN version software: All PC in same LAN local area networkcan share same database, other PC just need to install software program then visit data

3. Web based software , hosted in head center , all branch can visit software with internet by authorized account .

ZOOYs Patrol V6.0 guard tour management software is the most simple operation software , free-installation, save setup progress to reduce technical support for users . New user guidance , even new user can follow instruction to finish all software settings.

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